Monday, 14 January 2013

AD-CAMPAIGNS : A picture paints a thousand words, so make sure you take a bloody good one!

It is as clear as the day is long that ad-campaigns are the most important medium for large brands to project their message to "the people". This applies to everyone from Prada to M&S. Akin to a market stall trader yelling "roll up, roll up" ad-campaigns draw wider attention to a brands products after the major shows which even with online streaming are witnesses by a niche of fashion fanatics.  Images are often projected nationwide if not globally and have an undeniable potential to secure the success (or failure) of a seasons line.

The pressure on an ad campaign is huge as the few images must do the following:
  • Convey the brand's identity
  • Highlight the brand/products' unique selling points 
  • Exude class and sophistication 
  • It must be aspirational 
  • It must hit the target market
  • Yet accessible 
  • It must be visually attractive
  • It must be memorable 

With January being a time of fresh starts and failing resolutions, I am going to review the fresh batch of ad-campaigns and propose a failure and a success story. All views are naturally my own but I shall support why I make such decisions. Let me know if you feel the same or disagree by commenting below. Enjoy:  

Louis Vuitton - LuuuuuuuuuuuuuuViiiiiiiiiit

Immediate thoughts: the models are twinned as they were on the runway show displaying excellent continuity, the 60's influence is obviously apparent through the hair styling, the geometric check and favoured canary yellow are presented as the primary themes of the season by being everywhere in the frame. 

Finale of the SS13 show
Intricacies: the noting of the set designer in the bottom left corner indicates that the set was commissioned adding an element of elitism that is quintessential of Louis Vuitton. The smaller the font of the brand name the stronger the brand, the subtle placement of the words Louis Vuitton in the bottom right corner is discreet and is a direct marketing ploy forcing you to remember the image and associate it with the name, so as soon as you see checks you go "O that's Louis Vuitton". 

A* Louis Vuitton, you have achieved the checklist. 

Burberry Prorsum - Will produce results, but for the wrong reasons 

Last season Burberry's ad-campaign for its most luxurious line (Prorsum) was glorious (see below), the black and white cinematographic styling oozed luxury and british class. This season rather than maintaining that, a gimmicky disjointed campaign has been produced with a heavily featured Romeo Beckham.

AW12 Campaign

The models are starkly posed with every image containing a wide smiling Romeo. Not that I wish unhappiness upon the boy but it just doesn't fit. I also have issues with the retouching. Overdone on the face to almost mannequin levels of unnaturalness, yet not matched on the hands and legs resulting in an uneven finish. Lastly the metallic shirts and trench coats that I deemed sensational when I saw the show back in September and still believe having checked them out in store, have been shot in a way that makes them look thin, uncomfortable and cheap much like a thermal sheet you see wrapped around marathon runners or natural disaster survivors.  

Now don't get me wrong, the use of David Beckham's son translated marvellously into column inches as I am sure it will into sales. I have read numerous articles commenting how little Romeo is following in his mother's fashion footsteps and so the Burberry name is spread. Many have noted how Romeo stole the show and brought energy into the campaign. Call me cynical but would this have been so if it were anyone but David Beckham's son, I am inclined to say no.  

And perhaps I am too emotional over a few images, but everything has a knock on effect. As much as this pains me to write this I think using easy celebrity-hyped publicity isn't fitting for one of the world's most successful luxury fashion brands. Technically this ad campaign will produce good results but is it fantastic fashion imagery?!?!



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