Friday, 18 January 2013

Cashmere Competition

The snow has begun falling, society descends into chaos and like a shining beacon providing hope and warmth I am going to run a wee competition. And yes I have Scottish blood in me so I have every right to use the word “wee” as an adjective.

I follow the general credo of “When it’s cold, wear cashmere” because quite frankly fleece is a fucking disaster! Investing in a good cashmere jumper is worth the money. Cashmere is incredibly warm and won’t make you look like you’ve swallowed a child. As much as I love a good chunky knit. Sometimes you need to look a bit less casual and cashmere is your answer. 

Therefore I am happy to announce the opportunity to win this delicious grey crew neck jumper from luxury cashmere brand Gladys & Pixie.

The cashmere is from Mongolia if that makes you more interested!

Look at that detail!! The Mongolian cashmere fibre is one of the finest in the world.

The jumper comes in a size S. If you are a size S woo hoo, if not or a boy what an incredible free present you'll be able to give and claim that you bought, or option number three...ebay!   (and there's no point in keeping it from you its original retail price is £145).

To enter, simply like the Cristo Clear Fashion Facebook page and share the Cashmere Competition post. To be entered twice follow Cristo Clear Fashion on twitter. Links below. Why wouldn't you? A winner will be drawn at random on Monday 22nd January 2013 at midnight. 



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