Monday, 4 February 2013

Chic Freak (Pronounce it "chick" and I WILL slap you)

The launch of anything is rather exciting be it a spaceship or a new concept store. Today we are concerned with the latter for on Thursday 31st January at around about 6pm saw the official launch of Chic Freak, Portobello Road's newest gem in a crown of creative wondrousness...Ok I'll tone it down! 

But in all sincerity I was truly impressed by this new venture and am excited to see how it is developed. Described by owner Tamarisk East-Rigby (who is a down-to-earth delight) as half make-up, half art, half fashion, this grown-ups dressing up box is an Aladdin's cave of clothing.  

Owner Tamarisk East Rigby with Viktoria Modesta
The clothes are indeed directional and those of a more conservative disposition may not understand why you are presented with sequinned handbags in the shape of a leg of lamb and gold skin tight jumpsuits. And therein lies the rationale of Chic Freak. More than a shop. It is also a studio space, a space where stylists and industry professionals can come to gain inspiration, use the garments in photo shoots, customers can have their make up done and in the summer have coffee on the pavement and enjoy the surrounding Portobello appeal. 
A selection of items from the store, including these wonderful Julian Hawkes and Terry De Havilland Shoes

There are many Art/Fashion mergers out there after all the two naturally compliment each other. In certain contexts fashion can most certainly be defined as medium of art extending beyond mere utensils for covering oneself (Haute Couture for example). However when taken into a retail setting I have seen many stores selling nice paintings next to nice clothes. Sure that is great, but really lacks any sort of cohesion or actual purpose even if they are paintings of clothes. Chic Freak manages to find purpose and balance by combining the retail side of fashion with the technical industry side of fashion. A marriage that which will hopefully bring an injection of vibrancy and modernity back to Portobello Road. A space to showcase new designers and also just have a nice time ogling at fantastical products that will be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.



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