Monday, 11 February 2013

Giving you the heads up...

I told you last year in my post Hat-solutely Fabulous that hats are the next big accessories trend and my my haven't we seen that come to fruition in a big way, I for one have noticed an increase in people venturing into headwear tentatively trying their first fedora. The popularity of hats is of such a level that a small exhibition of catwalk millinery is on display at The Fashion Space Gallery just off Oxford Street at The London College of Fashion. 

The exhibition is indeed small but it is well worth by-passing if you happen to be in the area, and if you don't live in London, well the whole exhibition is pretty much here for you to see. 

From left to right and top to bottom:
  • John Rocha SS13, Millinery by John Rocha, oversized floral creation.
  • Katsuya Kamo, Silver head for Junya Watanabe SS13, the piece was made of hundreds of individual silver shards and fine silver chain fringing.
  • Lara Jensen, ‘Vanitas' Leather Rose Headpiece SS13, replica roses crafted from ox leather. 
  • Yiqing Yin W12, Millinery by Paul Stafford, scarlet red hat that incorporates itself into the accompanying dress, wonderfully clever. 
  • AF Vandevorst AW12, Millinery by Stephen Jones, integrated scarf and hat covering the face and creating a gothic-demon style look. 
  • Fyodor Golan SS13, Millinery by Zara Gorman, royal blue plastic moulded hat.
  • Donna Karan AW12, Millinery by Stephen Jones, grey layered trilby variation.
  • Yohji Yamamoto SS04, Millinery by ITOYAMA-DESIGN, japanese inspired woven hat. 
  • Hannah Marshall SS10, Millinery by House of Flora, ginger hair recreation.
  • Giles Deacon SS09, Millinery by Stephen Jones, ghost hat constructed from orange reflective metal. 

So do I expect to see you all wearing something resembling a UFO on your head come tomorrow? No I do not, just appreciate these hats as the art pieces they are. 


ps. my favourite hat of the moment (even forgoing my beloved veiled beanie) is the peaked cloche hat. These bell shaped hats are versatile as the general shaping is delicate but the peak adds a military slant which can be emphasised with additional styling (epaulettes, a statement belt, brooches etc.) The one I got is £25 from Topshop and is a simple felt with a matt finish, is very hard wearing and has survived much wind and rain so far in 2013. 
My adored penguin case is back! And this time is a fetching yellow for Spring! Any suggestions on names welcome! 

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