Friday, 23 November 2012


Friday's are quite often a point of elation for most people, it signifies the end of the working week, a break from the jobs you hate and for those "over 18" the evening is usually laced with some sort of spirit. And, now there is another reason to be o' so joyous, an additional benefit to the TGIF manifesto if you will. For Friday is the day where I will present to you two items, one for men, one for women. I will use every possible resource to find you what I consider the pieces of clothing/accessories that will make you want to sleep with your boss in order to afford them! And in my way, I will be explaining why these pieces are so damn fabulous. 

"But there is no way I can afford that, what's the point in showing us?" Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I can't afford an original Monet, but that doesn't mean I spit on his paintings at the National Gallery! It's about being aspirational and appreciating something for the individuality and craftsmanship. Plus if you happen to get an amazing bonus, win the lottery or wealthy aunt with more money than sense finally clocks it, well maybe you can treat yourself with some retail therapy. 

So without further ado I present to you (that rhyme was totally unintentional I swear) The Covetable Items Of The Week:

These midnight blue velvet slippers by Giuseppe Zanotti are the epitome of style for men. The tasseled slipper has been hugely popular this year and sales are set to continue well into 2013 thanks to the quintessential gentleman feel to slippers/loafers which is ultimately classic and is a lasting style statement. The shoes are leather soled and lined, with grosgrain piped edging as well as the crystal appliqué tassels on the upper surface. Zanotti has this week opened his first mens only store in Milan so now is the perfect time to learn about this master shoemaker. These slippers are available from for £453 with free international shipping.

The women's item of the week is a tad more expensive than the men's but it's covet-ability is simply through the roof. This is an amethyst matt alligator Birkin bag by Hermès. Made in 2009, this bag is on sale at Christie's Vintage Couture and Luxury Handbags auction next week on the 29/11/2012 and is estimated at £28,000 - £30,000. Hand crafted by the master artisans at Hermès in Paris, average Birkin's take 48 hours of work to complete, with rare material versions such as this one considerably longer. The bags are in such demand that Chinese tourists (who have gone mad for the Birkin) are restricted to buying one per year! I had the pleasure of visiting the Hermès Leather Forever exhibition in London earlier this year and saw one being made, the work that goes into these bags is astonishing and their scarcity is a major factor in the final sale price. Auctions of so many Birkins are uncommon and my guess is that the final price will be well beyond the upper estimate. This bag is Lot 24......if you are interested.

Have a fabulous weekend, is that CRISTO CLEAR?


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