Friday, 16 November 2012


It is clear that fashion is a saturated industry where there is more talent than outlets for said talent to be commercially expressed. And with a cruel irony every day new outlets in the form of start-up magazines, blogs and online stores try to provide a platform for the overwhelming amount of design, styling, artistic talent that there is. Sadly many of these talents and outlets will fall by the way side, most commonly due to lack of financial support or they are simply not good enough. What can I say it's a cruel cruel world! 

However, Yesterday I had the pleasure of accompanying my friend Sheridan Ward (hair stylist extraordinaire) to have coffee with Neil O'Keeffe, editor and designer of Valstrom Magazine. The first issue is available now from and for £5 is a necessary purchase for those wanting to be "on point" (yes I said it and i'm proud!) with regards to modern fashion. Directional yet accessible, the magazine is very fresh and is filled with content without reams of advertisements (in fact I checked again, there aren't any) which we all know dominate the pages of our beloved Conde Nast fashion bible (VOGUE to those staring blankly at the screen). 

Cover Image
All Image rights Valstrom
The premier issue is titled firsts, a theme that runs effortlessly throughout and is brought to true light with a very unique model on the cover whose face, within the first few pages you come to learn is comprised of 20 different faces! Kudos to the retoucher! Inside there are interviews with a fashion illustrator, blogger, model agent, designer Domingo Rodriguez on top of fashion features. Every shoot notably features an impressive range of heavy weight brands and designers from Topshop to Burberry Prorsum. The magazine achieves in transferring both knowledge and insight into the workings of the fashion industry with great aplomb. 

Dress and boots: Topshop Unique, necklace: Mawi
Shirt: Claudia Ligari, skirt: Atsuko Kudo, shoes: Hugo Boss,
earings: Mawi

valstrom is a magazine about fashion culture 
Left and right taken from fashion feature 'mixed signals'
Photography: Enokae
Styling: Fernando Torres
Make-Up: Yuka Hirata (MAC)
Hair: Sheridan Ward (Kiehls)
The look is slick and chic and I love the Topshop Unique boots to the left. Perfect if you are looking for the versatile black boot.

Jacket: Burberry Prorsum, trousers: Baartmans & Siegel
Shirt and gloves: Burberry Prorsum, sweater: Domingo Rodriguez
trousers: J Lindeberg

Left and right taken from fashion feature 're birth'
Photography: Enokae
Styling: Fernando Torress
Make-Up: Rocio Cordero (Illamasqua)
Hair: Alexander Soltermann (Bumble and Bumble)
It is apparent the vibe is consistent from shoot to shoot, with quality at the core. Spikes are everywhere right now and I simply need a pair of the Burberry Prorsum spiked gloves.

Valstrom Issue 1 has arrived and I am certainly going to do my part to ensure that this platform is one that does not fall by the way side. I've got my copy, now go and get yours.



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