Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rock, PAPER, Winner!

I want to make one thing absolutely clear. The brand PAPER LONDON is amazing! Let me inform you immediately that I have not been approached by PAPER LONDON to write this, I am simply spouting truth.

I had the pleasure of styling for the brand a few months ago and I was able to get up and close to their AW12 collection. 

The garments produced by PAPER are exquisitely made. Proudly produced in the UK, the quality of the pieces are second to none. The clothes are cut perfectly and for all of the brands I have styled for none have hung on the body better. 

When worn a regular garment should hang with perfect symmetry. When trying on clothes in store, in the fitting room, avoid posing and stand bolt upright with your arms to your sides. How does the garment fit across the shoulders? Do trousers sit perfectly horizontally? They should! And yet it is stunning how many do not. Ok, high street brands, and convenient fashion such as Topshop and Zara can be forgiven for minor imperfections. But luxury garments, when figures end with 2 or 3 zero's! Inexcusable! And it is stunning how many luxury brands do not live up to standard. Fortunately, PAPER categorically does.   

AW12 Look 5 
Azure-lutely fantastic, Cigarette Pants £320

Favourites are the cyan blue used throughout the AW12 collection, seen in the cigarette trousers above. 

The quality continues through into SS13 where a prominent cyan is replaced with an aesthetically pleasing acidic pink. If money is no object buy away and if money is a very large object, consider these garments are real investment pieces that will still be in your wardrobe when Christmas 2022 rolls around. 

<------SS13 LOOK 17 

                                                                                                                                                                     SS13 LOOK 18------>


<------SS13 LOOK 22

                                                                                                                                                                       SS13 LOOK 23------>

The brand has not been featured in a fashion week as of yet but has become a regular favourite of Pippa Middleton and is available to buy online from and The great thing about buying from a successful luxury brand in its early stages is the customer service and attention to detail is incomparable. Garments can be tailored and adjusted in studio which adds a real VIP quality to the buying experience. Furthermore,  the minute a brand sends models down the runway and begins being widely stocked, your early collection pieces become covetable items, increasing their value further. And don't tell me anyone does not like the feeling of having clothes other people can't have. That's the structural foundations of the Haute Couture industry!  

In sum, go get yourself some PAPER LONDON, is that CRISTO CLEAR


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