Monday, 19 November 2012

Hat-solutely Fabulous

We live in a world where, so long as you can connect to the internet, can share information with the world almost instantaneously. This is clear in the fashion industry where the majority of fashion shows are now streamed live, with buy-as-you-see methods of purchase available. I have begun on a slight digression but my point is that trends are analysed and established in a matter of minutes/hours as opposed to weeks/months in the days where print magazines were our only method of tracking developments in the fashion industry.

So, the next big accessory trend.....I don't know why I am building it is in the title, yes it's hats. When I first realised that hats were going to be the new "it" item I was a little scared. I have quite large ears and hats have always been a point of contention for me. However, I have done my research and I am coming round to them. Hats, like sunglasses should be bought with a great deal of thought and precision. You want something that will flatter you yet compliments your personality as well as your image. After all, I know not to wear oversized peak caps because, if you haven't picked up on it, Im not very gangster, "G" if you will, and don't want to pretend that I am! 

STYLE NOTE: colours of hats are very important. Being so close to your face, hats have a great impact on your skin tone. If you are really struggling (well perhaps don't wear a hat, there is no need to loose sleep on this) blues or browns are a safe bet as they fit with most hair/eye colour combos. 

Below are the popular hat trends of the season with some guidance on who/where/how to wear them:

The wide brimmed fedora is a very versatile hat and can be worn by most. They add attitude and edge when put with dresses yet can create an androgynous look when worn with trousers and a shirt. If buying a fedora, they should fit 

Fedora range by Rag & Bone
Rag & Bone quality is exceptional, a hat from them is built for longevity

The beanie is back with vengeance and while available in every colour and texture under the sun should this season be selected in a finer knit or cashmere in more neutral or plain dark colours in order to balance AW12 clothing trends which are opulence and embellishment heavy. Beanie's look great with leather, so run with that. 
Zigzag knit beanie from Topshop £12
Cheap and cheerful and navy blue will complement  most skin tones
The comedy hat, this is not however an excuse to stick the nearest random object to your head. Comedy hats are tricky but if you have a big personality and wear it as a feature then go for it. Never wear a comedy hat in a professional setting,  regardless of how much of a hoot you are there is a time and a place for everything and wearing fruit on your head at the office is never appropriate. NEVER! 

Bunny hat from Bernstock Speirs £75 This playful hat will add wow factor to casual outfits and is available in a range of colours
My hat of choice of the moment is the veiled beanie! Yes that's right a beanie, with a veil!! This hat was conceived by milliner Stephen Jones for the runway of Jil Sander and was quickly adopted by the likes of Anna Dello Russo and Bryan Boy, accelerating its popularity to sell out levels. The Jil Sander version unsurprisingly comes in at £274, another variation is available by master milliners Bernstock Speirs in Brick Lane for £70. However, I have viewed these in store and while the quality of the fabric is marvellous and the workmanship excellent I felt the price too high. I thought to myself I could make my own. So that is precisely what I did. 

I feel fabulous wearing it and it keeps my ears warm. Now go buy or make a hat! 

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  1. We should have taken pictures of us running around Shoreditch trying on vintage hats...

    ...also, fedoras are always in. Always.