Friday, 9 November 2012

Wings Were Made To Walk

Having decided to start my blog the day after the Victoria's Secret show it seems prudent to start with that. Please note that  while many of my future blog posts will look at the more technical/business side of fashion, this post is more psychological/life-coachy.  

The first time I saw a VS show was 3 years ago. And still to this day, having now worked with numerous models and seen enough leg and boob to overwhelm any straight male, I have never had the same reaction to a fashion show than that I had watching the Angels. And to set the record straight if you hadn't guessed by the power pose photo and pink text below I'm gay.

The VS Angels have been met with a mixture of wonder and horror. Every year the questioning of their diet and exercise regime is brought to media attention, with this year's target being 24 year old Candice Swanepoel. The Daily Mail claiming she's too thin, Candice retorting she's happy and healthy. But who's right? Admittedly we should take anything The Daily Mail says with caution but for the purposes of this post we'll say they have a point.

Candice Swanepoel in this year's show

Runway models are notoriously thin however, whereas I can see valid objection being directed at 16 year old boy-chested models who have been seen strolling the catwalks of Paris and Milan, I see it as unfair criticism finding fault in adult women who promote exercise and healthy eating to a combined twitter following of over 1 million followers, are mothers (Adriana Lima walking just 8 weeks after giving birth; see the child bearing hips below), have degree level education. In other words, normal people who just happen to be lucky with regard to their genetics.

Adriana Lima 2011...Stunning
Adriana Lima 2012...Stunning

I understand concerns that by publicising the VS Angel look can be dangerous to impressionable young girls and their self-esteem. So maybe draw some knowledge from here. NOT EVERYONE CAN LOOK LIKE THEM!! They look great and personally I find them to be very attractive women, but it is not something we can all emulate. In the same way I will never be a muscle guy like you see at the gym.

Attractive, intelligent and talented individuals will always draw negativity. Mainly because we are jealous and would like to see them fall down a flight of stairs. Even as I write this I realise how jealous I am of them, but this time instead of being angry or negative, if it really bothers you that much grab a skipping rope and work it out. It's what Miranda Kerr would do!



ps. I feel there should be more fashion content here. So my favourite look of the show goes to Liu Wen.  The sheer theatrics of the body art are fantastic in this look and if you strip that all away you are left with a simple floral bra and thong combo that will no doubt be in most girls' drawers by March. 
Liu Wen 

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